HeaterCore 650 Flameless Air Heater

Model: HC650AF
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Performance Heat, powered by Any-fuel; the HeaterCore Flameless Air Heater

The HC650-AF flameless heater is our game changing compact ultra-portable, Any-Fuel™ heater providing over >98% thermal efficiency. It generates huge amounts of heat which can be pumped over long distances. The HC650-AF is safe to use in environments & applications where open flame heaters are restricted.

The HC650-AF provides clean, breathable and reliable air flow at the temperature set by the operator; it is capable of maintaining high CFMs over long ducting distances by use of a high performance blower. Like all HeaterCores, it is comprised of rugged, heavy-duty construction. Large service panels provide easy access for service, maintenance and operations. The full enclosure and trailer is powder coated standard but can be upgraded to long lasting polyurethane  paint.

The HC650-AF is powered by an Any-Fuel™ turbine which can utilize a variety of fuels for heat generation, including lease gas, natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel and heating oil. Please reach out if you have a non-standard fuel you would like to use.

The HC650-AF delivers a temperature rise in excess of 212° F (100° C) and delivers an air output volume of 1,500–3,000 cubic feet per minute at 10 inches of static pressure, delivered through one 12 inch outlets. We offer simple to use, push button controls for ease of operation.

Features and Benefits

Performance Overview

  • Gas Turbine Engine
  • Any-Fuel™ Combustion System
  • Smart controller
  • 1-YR RTU cellular access
  • Positive Air Shutoff equivalent safety equipment

Standard Options

  • Skid Mounted
  • Custom paint
  • Custom duct sizes
  • Auxiliary genset

Value Added Packages

  • O&G Edition
    • Cold weather dry cell battery + warmer
    • Interior LED service lights
    • Additional duct storage
  • Extended Factory Care plan
    • Turbine Preventive Maintenance Parts
    • Preventive Maintenance Labor
    • On-premises critical spares stocking