Performance Flameless Heaters,
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Gas turbine driven heaters
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HeaterCore: Any-Fuel™ Flameless Air Heater

Designed to optimally perform in the most extreme cold weather environments, our flameless heaters provide unprecedented levels of heating while operating on a variety of fuels.  This ensures you can keep your work-site warm at the lowest cost without compromising on reliability.

Dynamo turbines are built with a focus on dependability, safety, and servicabliity.  Innovative safety features are coupled with modern turbomachinery to provide an intuitive and reliable heating solution.

HeaterCore – 1250 Flameless Air Heater

Gas Turbine flameless heater, powered by Diesel or Natural gas, this heater provides the most heat from long distances.

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HeaterCore – 650 Flameless Air Heater

Compact Gas Turbine flameless heater, powered by Diesel or Natural gas.  This heater is small in size but provides ample heat.  More portable and easy to place for spot heating.

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Dynamo HeaterCores are powered by a unique gas turbine which runs on Any-Fuel™.  Like it sounds, Any-fuel™ includes natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel, and any other commercial fuel.  Fuel changes are seamless and handled by the fully automated digital control system.

By operating on Any-Fuel, operators can save money by using low cost available fuels such as natural gas, without compromising performance on tried and true diesel.

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Advanced Turbine Technology


Flexibility and Simplicity with Lease Gas
Run on Any-Fuel ™ – Decimate Diesel Usage

Dynamo gas turbine combustion technology enables the use of Any-Fuel™, from flare gas through diesel, within a single unit.  Any-Fuel™ combustion means having the flexibility to use free flare gas when it is available, without compromising performance when using conventional fuels like propane or diesel.  Set up is simple, with a single set of hardware and no software or user intervention required. By eliminating the need for diesel and operating at over 95% combustion efficiency, fuel costs can be reduced by over $35,000 a unit per month vs large legacy competitors.

Turbocharged Heating
Massive Heat, Massive CFMs, Massive Pressure

With a gas turbine and its core coupled with a high performance centrifugal impeller, the HeaterCore develops best in class heat, CFMs and static pressure.  The high performance centrifugal impeller provides more than enough back-pressure to drive air over 500 feet at full CFMs.  The turbine delivers massive heat, allowing the HeaterCore to deliver 100°C even in the coldest operating conditions.   

Simplified Control
Smart Controller

The flip of a switch, the turn of a knob, that’s all it takes to turn on the HeaterCore and set the output temperature.  The Fully Automated Digital Heat Controller does the rest, from controlling the gas turbine to balancing heat output.  While the intuitive interface comes pre-configured for most operations.  A powerful and accessible back-end allows you to tailor the system to your operational needs, while wireless reporting will provide instant notification if your HeaterCore shuts down.  The smart controller allows you to set your heater like a thermostat and get back to work knowing your heat source is operating securely and safely.